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Helaine Ross Public Relations is a full service PR company with a proven track record of achieving high-profile placements for clients in international, national and local media. HR/PR has had a long line of successes with  luxury lifestyle clients in the arena of jewelry and fashion as well as with small businesses, non-profits, authors and entrepreneurs. We also specialize in the health and beauty industry.  Clients include hair salons, aestheticians, spas and a  wide variety of physicians, especially those who focus on cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures. Our excellent reputation and impressive experience in this niche, has resulted in a network of strong relationships with key journalists in the health and beauty media. HR/PR offers a comprehensive, effective and affordable alternative to high-priced public relation firms. We provide each client with an energized, personalized creative campaign, geared to the unique story that only THEY have to tell.

The PR business is all about two things:
Who You Know...and What's The Story? 

In the course of Helaine Ross's amazingly varied and successful career, she's gotten to know everybody— directors, stars, writers, key journalists and producers. 

And as a pioneering producer of numerous hit TV shows (Entertainment Tonight, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous) she's also learned how to recognize a good hook—the  compelling story that separates you and your product, image, or service from the rest of the pack. Once we've identified the hook, the team at HR/PR goes to work, employing our energy, enthusiasm, and exceptional creative writing skills. First we get your story down with words and pictures.  Then, when it's perfectly crafted, we spread that story with heart and passion making sure it is featured in the most appropriate media to land you extensive coverage. Our goal is to have your story reach the ideal audience—people who will get it, act on it, and pass it along.  

We  know the tricks of getting you on TV, getting features in the right magazines, newspapers, radio stations and websites.In addition to media placement, HR/PR excels in branding the client’s image, press releases, personalized biographies, press kits, brochures, promotional media and event coordination.

Check out our testimonials and press to see just how adept HR/PR is at putting you on the the path to  publicity. And then visit the contact page to make an appointment and start getting your story out there.